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815 West 7th Street
Plainfield, NJ 07063
Phone: 908-753-4700
Fax: 908-753-4816

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Monday through Friday
Before Care 7AM-8AM

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2016-2017 Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Ms. Danielle West Chief Academic Officer/Director dwest@queencity.edu
Ms. Charlene Jones School Business Administrator cjones@queencity.edu
Mr. Carl Bampoe Assistant Director cbampoe@queencity.edu
Mrs. Leslie Garey School Secretary lgarey@queencity.edu
Ms. Kendy Alvarez Assistant to Business Administrator kalvarez@queencity.edu
Mrs. Janice Knight Administrative Assistant jknight@queencity.edu
Ms. Aisha Longchamp Administrative Assistant alongchamp@queencity.edu
Mr. Jermaine Davis Maintenance & Utility jdavis@queencity.edu
Mrs. Judith Hester School Nurse jhester@queencity.edu
Ms. Katie Purnell Kindergarten kpurnell@queencity.edu
Ms. Jennifer Navarro Kindergarten avarkoly@queencity.edu
Mrs. Frankie McNeal Kindergarten Aide fmcneal@queencity.edu
Mr. Tyree Thomas Kindergarten Aide tthomas@queencity.edu
Ms. Elana Dyzenhaus 1st Grade edyzenhaus@queencity.edu
Ms. Kristin DiMaggio 1st Grade kdimaggio@queencity.edu
Ms. Kristen McCaffery 2nd Grade kmccaffery@queencity.edu
Ms. Samantha Mazza 2nd Grade smazza@queencity.edu
Ms. Theresa Lewis 3rd Grade tlewis@queencity.edu
Mrs. Robin Nehila 3rd Grade rnehila@queencity.edu
Ms. Emily Laskowski 4th Grade elaskowski@queencity.edu
Ms. Ashley Lynch 4th Grade alynch@queencity.edu
Ms. Virginia Woolley 5th/6th Grade ELA vwoolley@queencity.edu
Mr. John Reuter 5th/6th Grade Math jreuter@queencity.edu
Ms. Keren Thomas 5th/6th Grade Science kthomas@queencity.edu
Mr. Gary Corcoran 5th/6th Grade Social Studies gcorcoran@queencity.edu
Mr. Andrew Stewart 7th/8th ELA astewart@queencity.edu
Ms. Dana Lefkowitz 7th/8th Math dlefkowitz@queencity.edu
Mrs. Kimberly LaRochelle 7th/8th Science klarochelle@queencity.edu
Ms. Mary Rose Curcio 7th/8th Social Studies mcurcio@queencity.edu
Ms. Dawn Tantillo Special Education dtantillo@queencity.edu
Ms. Shannon Turner Special Education sturner@queencity.edu
Mrs. Dashua Hinton School Counselor tasbury@queencity.edu
Ms. Jasmine Morrison School Counselor jmorrison@queencity.ed
Mrs. Maria Sfondouris ESL msfondouris@queencity.edu
Mr. Eric Koellner ESL ekoellner@queencity.edu
Mrs. Farideh Bahrami RTI fbahrami@queencity.edu
Mrs. Michelle Jones Title I mjones@queencity.edu
Mrs. Joanna Ellmers Art jellmers@queencity.edu
Ms. Martha Mendez Spanish mmendez@queencity.edu
Mrs. Sharon Phillips Computers sphillips@queencity.edu
Mrs. Alicia Williamson Health & Physical Education awilliamson@queencity.edu
Mr. Robert Rucker Music rrucker@queencity.edu
Mrs. Mary Femenella Speech mfemenella@queencity.edu
Mrs. Nicole Zivkovic Dance nzivkovic@queencity.edu
Mrs. Lauriene Tschang Technology Coordinator ltschang@queencity.edu
Mrs. Joycelyn Williams Lunch Room Aide jwilliams@queencity.edu

Revised 06/01/2017

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